Solves One of the Most Important Problems of Our Time.

"A Game Changer..."

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Consent Amour for iPhone and Android Creates Proof of Consent—Without Spoiling the Mood - No Photos or Recordings required!​

On the college campus. After an online date. On base. At a party. Working late at the office. It’s a scene played out nightly all across America: two consenting adults decide to leave together. Consent Amour provides a quick, easy—and even fun—way for people to document that a physical relationship is consensual by creating proof of mutual consent. This App captures responses from both parties using Consent Amour's intuitive proprietary technology. 

A consensual agreement by both parties can make the intentions very clear. No witness needed. The challenge is, to provide a discreet, user-friendly tool that is easily accessible, identifiable and that does not spoil the mood. The idea for an easy-to-use, at your fingertip App becomes very valuable.

“Yes, I consent to a physical relationship with the requesting party.”

“No, I DO NOT consent!

Both parties are notified of the agreement; a transaction record is saved to each account for 30 days allowing time to copy and save.

An App Is Born 

Consent Amour was conceived because of multiple news stories about sexual assaults on college and university campuses, as well as in the military and workplace.  Was it consensual, or was it sexual assault?  This “he-said, she-said” scenario is being played out nationwide and, indeed, in many countries around the globe. With sexual assault accusations being reported at an unprecedented rate, people are talking about sex, assault, and accusations. And, while sexual assault is a major problem that must be acknowledged and addressed, some also argue that there is no fair or judicial process in place on college campuses for dealing with sexual assault accusation.  The time is right for Consent Amour.

How and Why It Works

Consent Amour is changing the landscape of modern dating. As the go-to App for people who want to ensure that they have obtained mutual consent, and who want to have clear evidence of mutual consent, Consent Amour is quickly becoming an invaluable resource. Now, with the App, verification via time/date stamps, photo, video, location, email verification, telephone number verification, account ID, and password authentications are available.

College and military administrators, online dating services, criminal defenders and prosecutors, professional and collegiate athletes, college students, and working professionals are all keenly interested in this new way to provide mutual consent and proof of consent in any and every case where physical activity is practiced. When a dispute, claim, charge or even a whisper of sexual assault occurs—whether consent was given or was not given—the agreement made between the two parties through Consent Amour can clear up the argument. No more “he said, she said.” 

Consent Amour provides peace of mind and empowers individuals to freely give—or to freely deny—consent to physical relationships. In just a few clicks, Consent Amour users can enter a formal agreement either consenting to or denying a physical relationship with another user. By capturing responses from both parties, notifying both parties of successful agreement completion, creating a transaction record or copy of the agreement, and saving that agreement to each user’s account, Consent Amour directly addresses and solves the market’s need for a legally binding mutual consent agreement App. The App acts as a consistent and reliable tool to track and record proof of consent/denial, offering a sense of freedom and security to users. 

Just as importantly, we understand that your privacy is important to you.  After 30 days, the Consent Amour App deletes all records. The communications, photos and videos remain for 30 days in order to allow users time to download any data for their personal records.  In addition, the agreement that all users enter into clearly states that all information is to remain wholly and fully confidential, and that any disclosure by either party to another is deemed a breach of the agreement, and subjects that user to legal actions that may be brought by the other damaged party.

Throughout the agreement process, the App promotes open communication between two consenting adult users, encouraging them to participate in open dialogue prior to rushing into an intimate relationship. Either user can cancel the consent anytime.

Consent Amour Gives Users:

•    Proof - A consensual agreement by both parties--or a notification that consent was not granted--can make the intentions very clear. No witness needed.
•    Privacy - No one has access to the agreement except the same two parties.
•    Immediacy - Confirm consent in just a few clicks.
•    Ease of Use - Chat, SMS, email messenger, auto form-fill agreements, photo & video selfies and uploads.
•    Security - Transactions are encrypted, recorded and made available to both parties for 30 days. After that, all records, photos, videos and messages self-destruct.
•    Fun to Use - Sending and accepting a request for a physical relationship can be fun and exciting.

The time is right for ConsentAmour.